Peterborough Implant Dentist

Even if you’re missing one tooth, this can impact your ability to eat, bite, and speak with confidence. If necessary, our Peterborough implant dentists will replace your missing teeth with an implant. With a healthy set of strong teeth, we hope to restore your self-confidence and overall daily comfort. Whether you come in for a single tooth or full mouth dental implants, we can assure you that we will give you the attention you deserve.

From the initial consultation to the end of the procedure, our comprehensive implant care dentists will be communicative, efficient, detail oriented, and professional. We utilize the latest technology and equipment within our clinic and are comprised of a full state-of-the-art in-house dental laboratory. From simple to more complicated cases, we complete the entire procedure in one location. Our Peterborough implant dentists work hard to give you a brighter future guided by a more confident smile.

Some of the benefits of having a dental implant include:

  • Aesthetic – With careful planning, advanced technology and proper maintenance implants can look like natural teeth. We will create a tooth that perfectly matches the rest of your teeth for a comfortable, natural and beautiful smile.
  • Stability and Functionality – Dental Implants have the highest level of predictability among all tooth replacement options. Unlike bridges that compromise the adjacent teeth or dentures that loosen over time and require frequent maintenance, implants are fully integrated with the bone and therefore function like a tooth on its own.
  • Heath Benefits – Implants protect your jawbone and teeth. Bone loss is your body’s natural response to the absence of a natural tooth, whereby your jawbone begins to deteriorate due to a lack of stimulation from the roots. This type of bone loss can lead to less retention for dentures, tissue loss, and even changes to your facial features and aesthetic. Dental implants replace the root and the tooth and thus restore your chewing to normal, stimulate natural bone growth and preserve your appearance.
  • Resiliency – Dental implants are designed to be more resilient than every other tooth replacement option and can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

What does it mean to have comprehensive implant care?

At Everes Dentistry you will go through the entire process of implant therapy in one place, from simple cases to more complex cases. The success rate of an implant depends upon many factors in the implant process. Our Peterborough implant dentists have an impeccable success rate due to our careful planning process.

If you have missing teeth and want the best possible option for replacement, give Everes Dentistry a call and ask about dental implants! We work with patients from all over the Peterborough area, including Lindsay, Belleville, Oshawa, and more. Don’t wait, give us a call or request a cost-free consult.

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