Cosmetic Dentistry: Overview

At Everes Dentistry, we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services in Peterborough, Ontario, that might be essential to your health. Our goal as a Peterborough cosmetic dentistry clinic is to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted—one that is as beautiful as you and provides everyday comfort so you don’t have to stop going after your dreams. Dr. Alex Rhee, who has worked in the dental industry for over 15 years, will work with you to ensure we provide the care you want and need to achieve our goals and yours.

They say a smile is the first thing people notice when meeting someone for the first time, so it is important that your first impression is a good one! A beautiful smile can mean something different to everyone, and so too does the creation of one. Dr. Alex understands that no two smiles are alike, and ensures that each patient’s individualized needs are met. Whether you’re coming in for an optional cosmetic teeth whitening or a more serious gum disease treatment, we will provide you with outstanding patient care throughout your entire time at our dental clinic.

We currently offer the following cosmetic dental treatments in our Peterborough, Ontario clinic:

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile then aesthetic dentistry (commonly referred to as cosmetic dentistry) may be just what you need. Our Peterborough Aesthetic dentistry service can improve various aspects of your smile that may be causing self-consciousness or dissatisfaction such as missing, uneven, yellowing or chipped teeth.

“Aesthetic dentistry is one of the most joyful practices I do. For me, the most rewarding part is when I get to see how a patient’s personality completely changes after they receive a new smile. It entirely changes the way they see themselves and allows their true personality to shine through.” – Dr. Alex

With the modern advancements in aesthetic dentistry made in recent years, getting the smile you want and deserve is easier than ever.

In order to ensure the longevity, careful attention to one’s overall health is of utmost priority. We believe that aesthetic dentistry and restorative dentistry go hand in hand. Improving how well your mouth works as well as how it looks are equally as important as one another, so it is our priority to provide you with the beautiful smile you’ve only ever dreamed of, without compromising your oral health.

If you have any questions about what we can do for you as a cosmetic dentist, request an appointment to begin creating your new, beautiful smile. We work with patients from all over the Peterborough area, including Lindsay, Belleville, Oshawa and more. Don’t wait, give us a call or request a cost-free consult.

Visit our Clinical Cases to view our Aesthetic Dentistry before and after photos as well as case study information.

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