How Does 3D Imaging Work In Dentistry?

Dental Restoration

While most people have roughly the same jaw structure and similar tooth alignment, everyone’s oral health needs are going to be different, particularly when it comes to dental implants. Even the slightest differences can lead to changes in how your dentist will approach your oral health needs. One recent development that some dental clinics are using to improve their quality of care is 3D imaging. But how does 3D imaging make a difference in the quality of dental care dentists are able to provide? Learn a bit more about how this revolutionary technology is changing the entire field of dentistry.

Precise Approach

While you’re planning your dental procedure, most dentists will already use some form of imaging. Generally speaking, x-rays have been most frequently used to give dentists images to work with; however, these two-dimensional renderings are limited in many ways. 3D imaging gives your dentist the best possible view of the area where they’ll be working to add implants, meaning they’ll be able to take the most precise approach possible to your care.

Simplified Procedures

The additional planning made possible by 3D imaging and the precision that dentists are able to achieve with this new technology overall results in a much faster, simpler procedure. Dentists are better able to adjust their approaches to fit the specific needs of the patient, ultimately meaning a simpler procedure than one that would be made possible with traditional 2D imaging.

Improved Results

No matter what dental procedure you need or what dental implant you’re getting, you want the best results possible to improve your smile. A good-looking smile can potentially take you farther; in fact, 74% of adults think an unattractive smile can hurt them professionally, according to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey. 3D imaging allows for more accurate planning in advance of your dental procedures, helping your dentist give you the best cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry care possible.

While 3D imaging is fairly new to dentistry, this technology can improve quality of care for patients and create better results when it comes to aesthetic dentistry. For more information on how 3D imaging can be used in dentistry or to schedule an appointment, contact Everes Dentistry today.

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